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Measures approx 2.5" across!
This piece wins the best told story of the year!  Maybe, the best I have EVER heard, mainly because it came with such sincerity! I was in a consignment shop and was shown this piece of "Posthumous Piece of Joan Rivers Jewelry Featuring HER Honey Bee in Black Flowers to Memorialize her Death and Symbolize her life with the Bees" I am standing there listening to this woman go on to EXPLAIN that with her being Jewish, The Joan Rivers Company marked it JOMAZ to symbolize the first two letters of her name and the MAZ was Mazel shortened from Mazel Tov and that was for good luck in her afterlife". Standing there completely dumbfounded at this explanation, not quite sure where to go with this conversation and I asked the woman if she was Jewish, to which she replied "No", which I figured. Well, I paid for the piece and figured out at that point it was so much better just to say "Thank you for the interesting story to go with this piece" than say anything else! WOW! Just when you THOUGHT you heard it all! And Really, How do you make this stuff up!

Rare Black Flowers JOMAZ Brooch with the Honeybee (Rb28)

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